RIVERLAND Fermentation class, Renmark Nth


10:00 am - 4:30 pm




Get ready RIVERLAND............we are fermenting up a storm on July 31st at the McCormick Centre in Renmark Nth. LACTO-FERMENTATION is an ancient practice of food preservation AND HUMAN PRESERVATION :-) We will begin the day by discussing the fundamentals of LACTO-FERMENTATION & how it supports the health of our GUT MICROBIOME, which pretty much supports most other aspects of well-being. GET THE BALANCE RIGHT IN OUR GUT & AMAZING HEALTH IS EXPERIENCED AND/OR RESTORED. We will discuss, what I refer to as the 'drip feed method' in regaining health. The day will be broken up into 2 sections: 1. CULTURING VEGGIES (process from start to finish) 2. HOW TO FERMENT COCONUT WATER & end up with COCONUT KEFIR (we also take plain KEFIR to the next level) We have a lot to pack (literally) into a short space of time. So be sure to arrive fresh ready for an amazing day. Can't wait to meet you :-)